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You pretend there isn’t a storm

Nothing to protect you from the rain and hail

You walk barefoot in the alley

Glass hidden in the cracks of the pavement

Penetrating the soles of your feet

You never complained

You took on the ocean

You never swam in anything deeper than 5ft

Yet you rode waves

shaping your own reality

Living freely

You never feared a thing

You said it never existed

It was all an illusion

I found your diary

Your fears were hidden in thin pages

Wrinkles on each

Written in cursive


I was number one

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The Art of Letting Go

Sometimes I feel like I’m talking to myself. I’ve begun to acknowledge the words I put into the universe; it always seems to come back 10x depending on what you put out. I’ve been extremely vulnerable these past few months and it’s taken me back a bit. I’m so raw and honest about my emotions and my position in life right now that I feel as though people are walking away. It’s really sad because I care for these people so much, but the reciprocation is nonexistent. I love and care for myself as well as them so much that I am allowing these beings to be set free from me. It hurts to see them slowing disappearing, but I know it is vital that I let go. In order for me to continue flourishing, I must do what feels right for all parties. Letting go and evolving into the woman I hope to be. Love yourself endlessly so that no one else feels they have to.

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Before The Sun Rises

Before the sun rises

You are the last thing on my mind,

I smile uncontrollably

Heart racing

Such a familiar feeling

But with someone new

Before the sun rises

I read our texts again

Smile like I’ve never read it before

I like seeing what you have to say

Redundancy has never been so fulfilling

Even when it’s vague

Before the sun rises

I plan on making bigger moves

Jotting these things in my head

Ways to make you laugh

I want you to forget what was and think about what is now

Before the sun rises

I want to look you in the eyes then kiss you so deeply our heartbeats become one and I can literally taste your soul on the tip of my tongue

Not letting you go because I’m afraid I might not make it without your deep breaths

Afraid I will never get this moment again

Afraid this may be the last time my heart beats so hard that you feel the vibrations through my golden skin

I want to see you again

Before the sun rises