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Love like Honey

Lips like honey

Locked with intentions

I bite and suck, not missing a drop

So sweet and soft

Leaving my thighs sticky

You follow the aroma

Nose suddenly buried in my flower

I bloomed on a sunny Thursday morning

Your acrylic nails grip my plump ass

Watching The dip in your back

The motion was in your bare hips

The vibrations between my lips as you moan

I inhale

Then release

On your sweet Lips, like honey

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Stuck in the belly of something inhuman

Drowning me in its emptiness

Voices fill my auricle

Now my mind is infested with fear

Fear of leaving myself behind

No knowledge of time

Or measurement of love

Poison consumed to cope with the darkness

My mind is now a prison

Unable to reach any depth

Vision is blurred

Shedding the images of self worth

Words cut like chains; ripping through my soul

I fight back with fire

Smoke filling my lungs

In hopes of keeping me numb for as long as I am here

Swallowed, but I have made it my home

I am in human

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6 a.m.

Still got the taste of you on the tip of my tongue

Legs wrapped around my neck like bear hugs

Sheets wrinkled;

gripped by your fingers

Scratches look like art on my shoulders

Moaning til the sun comes up

But I’ll still be down here

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Even though you are sad a lot

I look at you and smile

You are the most beautiful person I have ever known

Your heart is so big

You love the people that are in your life to the fullest

Your worst days are actually your best days

You walk through life like it’s your last

You appreciate the small things in life

The people in your life genuinely care for you and love you

Life isn’t always easy, but you live for the hard days

The days that challenge you the most

The days that push you out of your comfort zone

Nothing comes easy, but you’d rather work for it anyway

You pray for others more than you pray for yourself

Waking up is enough to be happy about for you

Seeing your family happy enough to live on

You acknowledge how special and beneficial you are to this earth

You serve a purpose

You simply, love

I am so happy to be you

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Me Time

Fifty thousand miles away from a place I live, but I can’t call home

The shades began to open letting the sunrise slip into my hotel room

Glazing over my legs,

so warm and orange

As I sit on my bed reminiscing about you,

Silky set on from the night before in hopes of hearing my door creek and I play like I’m asleep

Legs wide open

The sunrise has covered my entire body making me so warm inside

And all of a sudden so sticky

Who would have thought being alone in this city would bring me so much pleasure

Reaching into the nightstand next to the bed and with a click of a button I had the most intense orgasm not even a tape could measure

I massage my hands through my curly fro and whispered my own name,

I had to get myself together

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Summer in November

Candles for the vibe

Light glistening off your right shoulder

A moment I won’t forget,

The moment the temperature rose in my body

Body softer than a rose peddle

The room filled with our sweet aroma

So quiet I could hear the window pane freezing from the snow storm

I could hear you breathing in so deeply

Taking deeper breathes the closer we get

I knew your intentions the moment we clicked

We look in each other’s eyes as if maybe, the last

I know I’ll receive the text after you leave though

Being isolated in this small room with you is the freest I’ve felt in a while

The warmth from your mouth lifted the hair on my body

Your eyes reading my soul,

telling you I need more

Our lips meet what feels like the very first time

I don’t want to leave this room

In here feels like the summer time

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Before The Sun Rises

Before the sun rises

You are the last thing on my mind,

I smile uncontrollably

Heart racing

Such a familiar feeling

But with someone new

Before the sun rises

I read our texts again

Smile like I’ve never read it before

I like seeing what you have to say

Redundancy has never been so fulfilling

Even when it’s vague

Before the sun rises

I plan on making bigger moves

Jotting these things in my head

Ways to make you laugh

I want you to forget what was and think about what is now

Before the sun rises

I want to look you in the eyes then kiss you so deeply our heartbeats become one and I can literally taste your soul on the tip of my tongue

Not letting you go because I’m afraid I might not make it without your deep breaths

Afraid I will never get this moment again

Afraid this may be the last time my heart beats so hard that you feel the vibrations through my golden skin

I want to see you again

Before the sun rises