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Bad Habits

I’ve noticed That I’ve started to pick up some habits that I think for myself are “bad habits” only because I’ve started to do these daily. As soon as I walk in my house I grab my bowl and spark up; especially after a long day at work. Usually, I go home and rip my clothes off and just go to my room while my girlfriend stays in the living room so that I can recharge from being around certain draining energies. Being around hyperactive people for more than 20 minutes is just too much, but 8 got damn hours? It’s draining me so much to the point I chose to smoke weed after work every day to calm my nerves. Since I’ve picked up this habit, I haven’t been as moody; as soon as I hit the bowl I’m feeling great and level-headed. Now here’s where the problem comes in; it’s extremely unhealthy for me to be inhaling smoke into my lungs at all. Also, I haven’t been facing my problems heads on like I usually do. As soon as I pick up that lighter it’s like I forget all my problems! It worries me because I really don’t want to stop because it’s helping my anxiety and moods swings that are out of this world. Every day I have to apologize to my wonderful girlfriend for my wrongdoing, without my green I’m a bitch. At least I’ve acknowledged I have a problem and I need to figure out a way to limit my intake. If it was legal here I could buy edibles and I wouldn’t have to worry about the smoke and I wouldn’t consume it every day.