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Before The Sun Rises

Before the sun rises

You are the last thing on my mind,

I smile uncontrollably

Heart racing

Such a familiar feeling

But with someone new

Before the sun rises

I read our texts again

Smile like I’ve never read it before

I like seeing what you have to say

Redundancy has never been so fulfilling

Even when it’s vague

Before the sun rises

I plan on making bigger moves

Jotting these things in my head

Ways to make you laugh

I want you to forget what was and think about what is now

Before the sun rises

I want to look you in the eyes then kiss you so deeply our heartbeats become one and I can literally taste your soul on the tip of my tongue

Not letting you go because I’m afraid I might not make it without your deep breaths

Afraid I will never get this moment again

Afraid this may be the last time my heart beats so hard that you feel the vibrations through my golden skin

I want to see you again

Before the sun rises