Category: Poetry

  • Past Lover

    Irrupting in your life-like a home invasion Not one notice You still welcome me with open arms, As if your heart has healed in this short time Not giving you the space to identify the woman you long to be Bringing a halt to your growth with a few words or less You are mine So…

  • The One That Got Away

    Slipped through the cracks of my fingers Too late to grip, You fall like water evaporated I never got to float in your ocean Instead I got lost in your waves So deep in your current temperature dropping Leaving me numb Hoping that I’ll get to see you again

  • XCrave

    I’m not sure if you know how important it is to hear a woman moan through pleasure I get so tense and weak Every spot will be touched everything becomes about you, although so much benefits me That look in your eyes when I first slide my fingers in, I’m assuming what you look like…