Category: Misc.

  • Negative Thoughts

    I see what you can’t see in me Or what you refuse to see in me So many years have been wasted on thoughts of unworthy I am unworthy of a lot of things At least that’s what I tell myself I don’t always feel that way, But when I do.. I really do

  • I Don’t Blame You

    When I’m feeling low and unappealing You’re always there with your natural healing The scum of the earth with a bruised ego Forever reminding myself why I don’t matter And there you are Hands ready to catch me as I fall in the pit of my own negligence I never knew what the ground tasted […]

  • I Want Out

    some days I want to crawl out of my body Not because of discomfort Because of too much comfort I hate the daily routine The mild confusion I get Everything gets so foggy The tiredness The fact that I refuse to change certain habits although it benefits me Too much comfort I want to claw […]

  • Stop Running from Yourself

    I’ve never understood your type, ya know So quick to make decisions about things you know nothing about So quick to play the victim when situations are not in your favor Never want to hold yourself accountable Afraid of confrontation in fear of being disliked or maybe disowned by people you love You never think […]

  • Passing Time

    Help me escape the place I’ve created in my thoughts Pillow talking to myself hoping it would make it serene I dug a hole in my mind to hide you from myself The parts of myself I have yet to control But you always seem to find a way out Almost as if you’re trying […]

  • Replaced Memories

    Na, I don’t think about you anymore The tear in my heart is no longer sore I’ve been dreaming a lot Making plans in this spot Still not one thought of you Making friends, Smoking pot Minding my business And nobody even knows I knew you

  • Our Complex Emotions

    I don’t expect you to understand me I expect a deep connection One that stimulates my brain and have me weak at the knees I don’t want you to be attached to our relations Leave me with the satisfaction that you don’t need me Come back to me when you’re detached from the idea of […]

  • I See Right Through You

    I’m not sure why you disguise yourself But that mask doesn’t fool me I can smell you a mile away Trickling through the cracks of too late I waited for you to reveal your true self I’m run down and quite over your play I’m not amused And quite frankly you’re not too good at […]

  • Did I Get your Attention?

    What am I missing? Masculinity? Does my face not resemble the architect of a model? Am I not extended over your shoulders enough to look down upon you? Has my brain not reached the intellect capacity you seek so much? Am I too reserved for your you? Your narcissism has reached its peak Stretching my […]

  • It Was Always You

    I realized you were the one when you stayed longer You listened to my worries, even when repeated I really wanted you there and you wanted to be there You leaned into my trauma, not taking it on as your own But to be my support blanket You wrapped your warm arms around me Night […]