Category: Erotica

  • Sweet Shiraz

    Stuck on the couch It’s 3:27 in the morning The wine stain on my shirt reminds me of the leftover wine in my glass I take a sip And a few more It’s 4:30 am and I am suddenly awakened by a thump between my thighs I try not to call you because I like […]

  • All Summer

    We can’t keep doing this A magnetic force when you’re around So much sexual chemistry I have morals But even on Sundays, Impossible to keep my panties dry Heart skips at the sound of you Just the smell of you makes me moist I don’t mind performing I don’t get stage fright I want to […]

  • Sweet Zai

     Peach color Sweet as organic honey Salivating at the thought of you You move as if you know you’re being watched And I enjoy the view I enjoy you pleasing yourself whining your hips against your fingers My favorite actually I love when you serve them to me After they’ve been so deep in your […]

  • What You Made Me Do

    Lost in the way you stare into my eyes I stumble over my left foot My cheeks immediately turn red and my armpits are wet Somehow, my panties are too The smirk on your face was confirmation that you like to see me in distress I reminded myself 10 times white jeans were a mistake […]

  • Safe Word

    Safe Word

    I am invisible to you So I think I fantasize about you daily In hopes of manifesting you into my bed Or yours Intertwined in your soft thick thighs You take the lead this time around Planting kisses on every sensitive spot Wrap your hand around my neck That grip just makes everything that much […]

  • 6 a.m.

    6 a.m.

    Still got the taste of you on the tip of my tongue Legs wrapped around my neck like bear hugs Sheets wrinkled; gripped by your fingers Scratches look like art on my shoulders Moaning til the sun comes up But I’ll still be down here

  • Deprived

    Tracing your shoulders and clavicles with the tip of my fingers Sending chills down your thighs Watching your eyes roll back Watching you bite your bottom lip Wishing It was between my lips instead Imagining what flavor you’ll have lingering on my lips when you’re away Hoping this time you won’t be gone too long […]

  • Pt. 1

    I scoped her out from across the bar, swirling her coils between her fingers and sipping on what looks like Jameson. The prettiest woman I’ve seen in this dry ass bar in a while. We made eye contact, it felt like we were in slow motion. I was watching her staring back into my eyes, […]

  • XCrave

    I’m not sure if you know how important it is to hear a woman moan through pleasure I get so tense and weak Every spot will be touched everything becomes about you, although so much benefits me That look in your eyes when I first slide my fingers in, I’m assuming what you look like […]