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So Soon

The Breakup By Peter O’Neill

You were too surface level

Unable to reach my mind at it’s lowest

Your love was premature

I don’t know why I craved it so much

It still hurts to let you go so soon

But it’ll feel better knowing I didn’t lose much


How's it going? Welcome to my first ever blog. My name is Angelique, no I do not speak French fluently, but I wish I could. I am from Chicago, Illinois and I love to write about pretty much everything. I created this blog because I am extremely bad at writing in my journals, so I thought it’d be a great idea to create a blog and give myself the opportunity to challenge myself by exposing who I am to complete strangers. I also created this blog to connect with other writers and introverts like myself. I love the idea of creating a space for people who struggle with expressing themselves, but find themselves in other peoples writing. With that being said, thanks for vising my blog and don't hesitate to reach out.

4 thoughts on “So Soon

      1. Yes, blogging community is a welcoming platform. Not only does it allow us to share our emotions but it also gives us a chance to talk about them in depth by engaging in conversations. Feel free to browse through my homepage. I’ve recently worked on it to make reader-friendly sections. Would love to receive your feedback 🙂

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