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The Art of Letting Go

Sometimes I feel like I’m talking to myself. I’ve begun to acknowledge the words I put into the universe; it always seems to come back 10x depending on what you put out. I’ve been extremely vulnerable these past few months and it’s taken me back a bit. I’m so raw and honest about my emotions and my position in life right now that I feel as though people are walking away. It’s really sad because I care for these people so much, but the reciprocation is nonexistent. I love and care for myself as well as them so much that I am allowing these beings to be set free from me. It hurts to see them slowing disappearing, but I know it is vital that I let go. In order for me to continue flourishing, I must do what feels right for all parties. Letting go and evolving into the woman I hope to be. Love yourself endlessly so that no one else feels they have to.

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  1. melancholy girl

    relatable and deeply helpful~

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  2. Bonita Taylor

    That is a beautiful piece. It’s true. We have to love ourselves first. We must be true to ourselves and what we want for ourselves and out of live. Stay strong and focused. It will all come together and bring you even greater joy and happiness.

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    1. Angelique Boyd

      Everything you said was GOLD! Thank you!



    Beautiful 💯💙🌹

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    1. Angelique Boyd

      Thank you 😊

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