If You Have Life, You Have Purpose

Give up the need to know what happens tomorrow and fully appreciate your life at this exact moment. You’re probably in the depths of disparity because you lost track of being here in the moment and you never got over whatever it is you are battling. Try Living without self-judgment and try accepting who you are, that way you’ll have a positive transition to the person you are becoming. You don’t want to hate the person you were because with every struggle there is a beautiful outcome. The obstacles we go through in life make us who we are; when we look back on that we should always be grateful. You spend so much time in despair, you forget to move on and now you think you’re on the wrong path, but in all actuality, you’re not. We are simply stuck and basking in this unfortunate event in our lives. It’s always hard to just pick up where we left off, sometimes we have to reflect on the things that stop us in our tracks. For every choice we make, we are actually making a million choices; so not only is our mind making choices, our hearts are in it as well. When you’re down on hardships, take that moment to yourself and figure out how to get out of it and think about how you even got there. We must learn from our mistakes and keep it moving. Make the choice of a healthy and happier life.

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