Pt. 1

I scoped her out from across the bar, swirling her coils between her fingers and sipping on what looks like Jameson. The prettiest woman I’ve seen in this dry ass bar in a while. We made eye contact, it felt like we were in slow motion. I was watching her staring back into my eyes, her tongue was searching for her straw, trying to take another sip. I looked away, but I could still feel her eyes pierce through me. I decided to order another drink to work up the courage to walk over there and talk to her. As I turn around I see her also walking towards me, so I took a few steps towards her, she stood about 10 feet away. Then suddenly, this tall, beautiful, dark chocolate man grabs her from behind by the waist and they start making out. I was so fucking embarrassed! So I played it off like I was heading for the back door to get some air. Am I tripping? She was definitely coming for me, she was staring me in my eyes. I was so embarrassed, it took all my energy. I just left and walked home, the worst had already happened and I just wanted to end it there. I got a text from my ex on the way home and just when I thought the worst was over. She just won’t leave me alone!

“Where’d you go? Always running away from me… and your problems.” I had no idea she was there and if I did, she’s right, I probably would have run out that bitch so fast. We’ve been broken up for a whole year and she still hasn’t gotten the hint.

“I honestly did not know you were in there Robyn.” I had no words for her other than the truth. She texted back in like 3 seconds before I could even put my phone back in my pocket.

“Then why’d you leave so abruptly? I watched you down your drink and you took off because you saw me, right?” This night was suppose to be the night I got some ass, but instead, I got curved by some fine ass girl and to top it off my ex won’t leave me alone, I wouldn’t be surprised if she was downstairs waiting outside my front door bumping Bryson Tiller. Robyn’s a good person and she means well, I just wish she’d leave me alone and move on already. She cheated more than once and I had enough of it.

“Robyn, I really didn’t know you were there. I got a bad vibe and just wanted to leave. That’s it that’s all, not everything is about you.” She texted me back some long ass text about how I never want to talk about our situation, but to be honest, I’m pretty much over this night and my phone so I turned it off.

As soon as I got home I thought about that girl at the bar, I was getting wet thinking about her, I don’t even know her. I laid down on my bed and closed my eyes. The image of her in my head turned me on even more so I reached down between my legs and my fingers slipped. I imagined she was sitting in front of me on my bed getting undressed, revealing her perfect breasts and pierced nipples. She started caressing them and biting her lip. I started massaging my clit in a circular motion. She starts taking off her jeans and panties. She began moving closer to me, but still across from me. She laid down on her back and spread her legs. My mouth got so watery at the thought of me devouring her pussy. She slid her finger so slowly and deep inside of me, she pulled them out slowly and used my wetness to rub her clit. I moaned “fuck, I’m about to cum” massaging a bit faster. She got on top of me and started kissing me and I came. Then she was gone, that fast.

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  1. Anonymous

    Wow! This is really good! When is the next part coming? I’m so curious to know if she finds the woman!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Introverse

      It’s been taking some time to finish part 2 because I want it to be as good as part 1. it’s in the works, thank you reading.


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