Loving You

Spying and time traveling to get to you,

Calling out like sounds waves, I felt your message

Hands reaching through the galaxy, stretching so widely, you brushed up against my spirit

I see you and I feel you, my love

Way before I knew who you were

Spending decades to grow with the woman you are striving to become

The woman that you are

Loving you, as I sing, I move my shoulders so elegantly

A picture of you fills the image capacity in my mind

And my face cracks a smile

And my eyes roll back

The hairs on my body are dancing to the symphony of my body

You are the epitome of a woman

So pure and perfect for me

In the palm of my hands

You fit so perfectly

Your body, redolent with a sweet smell of caramel

Salivating at the thought of you

Evolving together every day

In hopes of expanding our seeds in the future,

To teach love in its purest form

you are love, my love

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