Become that Light

Love yourself immensely. Be the only light you look to when you’re trapped in that dark place. You may feel trapped in a world you see as evil because of the lack of love in the world or the lack of love you were previously given. Love is not the enemy here.

Give yourself that love that you are lacking. If you must know, it is vital that you put yourself first no matter what. You cant reciprocate what you don’t have my love. She/he will not be enough if you’re unsure what your limit is. Get to know that person inside and build because I’m the future it will pay off. You will be able to love the way you want. You will be able to appreciate the love you’re receiving from whomever.

sometimes we have to deal with the negative thoughts that cloud our minds, telling us things that we hate about ourselves. Our mind literally is a battle of its own and we must take time for ourselves to accept who we are in those profound moments. The moment we accept who we are in the ugliest moments in our lives, the more appreciation we have for ourselves in the future. We knew what it was like to hate ourselves because of whatever trauma we’ve endured in our past and it makes for a much better story.

Watching yourself grow and become that person you so longed to be is the greatest feeling ever. I’m not saying I love every aspect of my life, but if you knew what I’ve been through you’d agree the growth is amazing. I’m still fighting battles, but the difference is I go in a winner before the battle ends. I go in thinking I will not be defeated because I am always ready for whatever. I know there is a light at the end of every tunnel, it just takes time. Run at your own pace. You’re loving for yourself and nobody else.

Eliminate every toxic thing and being in your life. They serve no purpose at all, except the purpose to hold you back and that’s not what we want. Our purpose is to love unconditionally in all aspects of life and be happy. Don’t ever settle for “okay” get what deserve out of life. Peace and love.

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