Dragged across the room like a rag doll in front of my friends

I begged you to stop so many times

My so-called friends stood there and watched me get assaulted by the man I thought loved me

7 punches to the face

I counted each punch

That’s all I could do and I took every hit

I watched you cock your arm behind your head and come down on my face like a ton of bricks

I could see stars

I smelled blood before I could even taste it

Your eyes were so dark I didn’t recognize you

I could hear your teeth grinding against each other

It felt like days and I was sure I was going to die

I wanted to die

You threw my 108 pound body against the marble floor

You stomped me over and over

I could taste the sole of your boots

I could feel my bones shatter inside of me

I could no longer make a sound

I gave up trying to protect myself

I really had no choice

I could see my lifeless body in a pool of blood in the middle of my best friends living room

Not a person in sight

Left for dead

I never did get to say goodbye

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